A story is about to begin

Tanssi (dance) invites you to look beyond your imagination. A tableware and interior textile collection illustrated by London-based Finnish artist Klaus Haapaniemi brings and enchanting mythological story and a hint of magic to your everyday.

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Colourful characters

The colourful inhabitants of the mystical forest captured on the tableware, a deer charming the forest with the sounds from his flute, a badger showing off in his fur coat and silk shoes, and the vixen and a fox dancing in the shadows of the trees. With a nod to Art Deco, Tanssi also pays homage to the era of the birth of the opera.

"To me, the shape dictates how the pattern is used." Artist Klaus Haapaniemi

Visually Tanssi continues with Klaus Haapaniemi’s recognizable style. Tanssi also brings a new dimension to Iittala´s decorated tableware with a new colour palette. Tanssi pieces are designed to be compatible with Teema tableware and Kartio glasses. It also goes perfectly with Iittala´s glass colour Desert.

Leimu lamp 380 x 250 mm copper
Leimu lamp 380 x 250 mm copper