Picnic season is on

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Let's set up the picnic with our favourite dishes and enjoy every glimpse of sunshine, even the faintest ray. We don't mind if the dishes don't all match; it's a chance for our personalities to shine through. Carry the tables outside, or find the perfect place for a blanket. Watch the sun's reflections dance on the glassware.

Let's create moments to remember forever, cherishing each and every one.
Iittala moments created together - Taika Sato
Iittala moments created together - Taika Sato

Everything You’ll Need for a 1st of May Picnic

All it takes is a little sunshine to declare picnic season open. And if it's the first of May, it doesn't even need that sun—May Day picnic is a state of mind. What should you pack for your picnic? Here's our suggestion: a warm blanket, your favorite dishes (yes, including those you save for special occasions), plenty of food and treats, and your favorite people. And here's a pro tip: a cushion is always a great addition to any picnic.
Iittala moments created together - Taika Sato and Aino Aalto

What's inside our Picnic basket?

"Picnic" – the mere word conjures a warm feeling, or as many people in the Nordic countries might experience, a slightly cooler one. But one thing remains consistent everywhere: the question of what to pack in a picnic basket. There are surely many answers, but here's our suggestion: Pack as many sizes of bowls and serving utensils as possible, along with a generously sized tablecloth, which also doubles as an ideal picnic blanket. Include a variety of glasses and mugs, napkins, and cushions. And because the weather can be a picnic's worst enemy, don't forget to pack a wool blanket.